Phil & Cathy Lubelska – Cumbria – 5th August 2017

We’ve really enjoyed our stay at Boitan Lodge.  It’s a quiet, comfortable and well-appointed resting place.

Shetland has been a wonderful revelation and we have barely scratched the surface… so we may well visit it again.

Our highlights were…

… the cliff walks north from Eshaness Lighthouse (wow!!)


…St Ninians (looked down to five orcas below)

….Sumburgh Head – where we were Puffined-out!)

….Sands of Breckon (numerous Terns & Gannets)

….hearing live music jam sessions in Lerwick Pubs (Tuesday night at the Marlex, Wednesdays at the Lounge)

(NB Folk music not heavy Shetland metal!)