Dusk on the Island of Mousa

mousa 2014 043We went across to the Island of Mousa last night (13th July) on the Mousa Boat to see the Storm Petrels coming back from their fishing trip. These tiny birds have flown miles and miles to fish and then return back to their nests in the near dark. There are literally thousands of them and they fly straight in to their nests which are either among the beach stones, on the walls of the Broch or in the stone dykes nearby.

The dusk boat leaves at 10.30 pm and returns at 1 am! It was a beautiful evening and a lovely trip across.
The birds were amazing and the Broch (the best preserved iron age tower in existence) as stunning as the first time I saw it as a peerie mootie lass! This photo is taken about 11.30 pm and it was still quite light. It was dark by the time we boarded the Solan IV for the trip home but that only adds to the experience!
Nortower Lodges are only 10 minutes away from the pier at Sandwick or 5 minutes from the pier at Cunningsburgh (can be either pier depending on the weather) – which is handy at 1.30 am in the morning….